CPAN::U experiment

Ever lost yourself wandering in a vastness of CPAN modules?
CPAN for You allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of Perl community!

Collective intelligence

CPAN for You is a collaborative filter based recommendation system for Perl developers. It gathers data from button counts across the MetaCPAN and builds a predictive model of modules often used together by CPAN authors.

Deep knowledge

If you are a CPAN author by yourself, CPAN::U can build a suggestion list based on:

  • The modules you tagged as favorites
  • Favorite counts of your own modules
  • Modules you use as dependencies

Easy to use

To query CPAN::U database, input module name (Devel::REPL), a list of modules (Data::Printer, Imager) or author's ID (DOY). By default, you can: